Some woman

Some woman You will lower heat.

You are completely healthy.

The next morning the girl completely recovered.

You can change offers to an illness of your child.

Example: Yoko you are a genius you can cure the eczema your skin will become smooth you completely recovered.

Some woman used this method.

Her husband, to him is years, suddenly got sick.

He drove the car, and suddenly felt pain, he stopped the car on a roadside and felled into a coma.

It was found two days later, brought to hospital and surveyed.

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Then by analogy

Then by analogy The first word I will call sugar, and now you call words with a sound with.

Then by analogy game with a sound ш proceeds.


Occupation course.

The teacher speaks to the child: I will call words, and you will tell what word does not approach: cat, cone, dress, cap; tractor, basket, rubber, elder; river, turnip, beet, carrots; book, crane, ball, cat; water, handle, porter, cotton wool.

In case of difficulty he slowly repeats a certain mere verbiage and helps the child to allocate the general sound with words.

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Every time, stopping

Every time, stopping At other way the child has to lift and lower a signal Stop.

Traffic light Age: years.

Number of players: Driving convenient time for studying of signals of the traffic light.

It is important that the child knew that mean different colors.

Every time, stopping before red light, speak: Quickly we drive the car, Red light was suddenly switched on, It means to us with you Here so far the road is not present.

When there is yellow light, speak: Traffic light unruly Now switched on yellow light.

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Elk big, and hare. At a wolf

Elk big, and hare. At a wolf.

Select exercise, call, remember: Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovpriznak, slovdeystviye: What bear brown, huge, shaggy, clumsy, clumsy, strong.

Hare what?


Fox what?


Bear that does?

rolls over, roars, sleeps.

Fox that does?


A hare that does?


Tell exercise on the contrary: Finish offers.

Elk big, and hare.

At a wolf a tail long, and at a bear.

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Length of offers

Length of offers experimental group words.

The shortest story on a series of subject pictures was made by the pupil of the second class Maxim O.

experimental group.

In his story there were only words.

And the shortest retelling belonged to Damir Zh.

, the pupil of the first class control group words.

Length of offers at children of both groups was approximately identical and by drawing up the story according to subject pictures, and when retelling.

The longest offers were made by Masha K.

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